Who are All Points Payments?

All Points Payments are a technology company that have been offering payment solutions since 2008. We bridge the gap between businesses and merchant banks and can enable you to process payments effectively, efficiently and internationally.

The co-founders Jim Moore and Sean O’Dwyer recognised the lack of understanding that companies have around their payment options and providers. They developed the All Points platform from the ground up which is now the fastest growing payments provider in Ireland.

Our customers choose us because they can trust our products & technology and know that we will endeavour to give them the best gateway and acquiring bank rate by brokering with a number of banks on their behalf. But even better, let us use our technology expertise to develop an innovative, bespoke payment solution that ensures your business can overcome any payment challenges and are ahead of your competitors.

The All Points team can help with the management of your payments and identify the different payment methods you will need to assist in the growth of your business, regardless of region!

If you want to process payments anywhere in the world, the only company you need to call is All Points Payments. Our ambition is to be the number 1 provider of payment solutions for businesses.




We are the only payment provider to offer direct carrier billing via integrations with all Irish mobile network operators.




We can design and provide payment apps which can be 3D Secure enabled for taking payments on the go.




We assist with rapid increase in volumes of transactions for our clients via our technology driven solutions using SMS, Web, IVR.

What's your Challenge?

Where do I start if I want to take Payments?

For all your payment needs, the team at All Points Payments will be happy to assist you. Please contact us to get started.

How do I know which bank to choose?

There are various factors that need to be taken into account when choosing a bank, such as the country of incorporation, the currencies you transact in, the industry you are in and much more. Get in touch and the All Points Payments team will help you identify the best solution for you.

To speed up this process, we need you to provide us with:

  • - latest 3 months acquiring & gateway statements (processing history)
  • - If you are new to acquiring please call us and we will happy to help!
  • What Gateway is best for me?

    All Points Payments has its own secure, robust and PCI compliant gateway. We can provide you with the API for the test/sandbox environment. For more information, please contact us.

    How do I take multi currency to sell in different countries?

    Here at All Points Payments we can help you identify your currency needs and possible alternative payment methods. Once we identify your requirements, we can implement this on your gateway and merchant ID.

    How do I reduce chargebacks and prevent fraud?

    In relation to fraud prevention, there are some simple measures you can take, such as ensuring your descriptor matches your website. However, there are numerous fraud prevention tools available, Contact us and we will help you ascertain the most effective ones for your business.

    How will I receive payments/ settlements and how often?

    Payments are sent directly to your designated bank account in your company name. The standard for settlements is weekly, however this is dependant on numerous factors and we recommend you get in touch with us to see what we can offer you.

    How do I find out the fees involved?

    There are two types of fees :

  • 1) Payment Gateway Fess
  • 2) Acquiring Bank Fees
  • These are variable and dependant on the volume of transactions, the industry and other factors. Please get in touch with us for more information regarding your business.

    Can I accept recurring payments?

    Yes, recurring transactions/ tokenisation can be set up on your merchant ID/ gateway. Please contact us and we can get you started on the process.

    What documents do I need to get a Merchant ID?

    We will need the following documents from you:

  • - A copy of a utility bill in your name with your residential address, this is applicable for each shareholder
  • - A copy of your passport, this is applicable for each director, shareholder and authorised signatory.
  • - A completed application form which will be provided to you by us.
  • - A completed PCI compliance/ SAQ form which we will provide.
  • - Bank details of the account which you would like the funds settled to! We will need a copy of the bank statement showing the account name, IBAN and BIC. We do not need to see your transactions, this is solely to verify the bank details provided.
  • Do I need to be PCI Compliant?

    All businesses that process, handle or store credit card data are required to be PCI DSS Compliant. This is achieved by completing a SAQ form which we will provide you.

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